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Nicholas Northup Jr. was born the son of Nicholas Northup Sr. and Lydia Palmer (b. 1775) on Sept 22, 1797/1798 in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., New York. He married Elizabeth Bentley. He fathered 14 children, 9 of whom survived to adulthood.
Nicholas Northup Jr. was reportedly killed in 1860, while returning from a trip to visit his son, Anson, who lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
From the Connewango Historical Site comes an article, that reads like this:

Two brothers, Nicholas and Thomas Northrup, came to this town in 1818, from Stephentown, NY. In 1860. Mr Northrup went West on a visit, and on his return was killed by the cars. Of his sons, George died in Georgia in 1862, and Anson moved to Minnesota and pre-empted the land and built the first shanty, and then the first building, where Minneapolis now stands, and afterwards did the same at St. Paul; Stephen is living in Illinois; J. Brock and his sister, Freelove, now live at East Randolph. Thomas Northrup also settled early in town. He built a small shanty, covering it with elm-bark. He was the first town clerk of the town, which office he held for several terms.

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Nicholas Northup Jr. Family

Children of Nicholas and Elizabeth Bentley

George B. M. D.
Sarah M. Milo Camp in 1826 in Canervango, Catorogus County, New York.
Anson B. 1817 M. Betsy Jane Edwards D.